List of Solutions

1. The cornerstone of our program is the “Active Citizen”. These are people who are fed up with the current fraud and waste and are willing to take a stand.

2. Fixing problems will be accomplished once we go to the root of the problems, and we view all consequences and benefits on a long term basis.

3. Everything we do will be focused on intelligent ways of saving money and becoming more efficient and cost effective. Our formula will weigh out cost savings, to benefits, to potential consequences. The era of waste, fraud, corruption, and crime will start to end.

4. We will set up programs that will make it easy and safe for people to document and record crimes and fraud, then have the criminal arrested.

5. Create an easy way for AC’s to rate our politicians and media every time they give a speech or make any statement. Deception will not be tolerated, and will be exposed.

6. Schools will be reformed to this motto: “The Best Educated Student Possible With The Most Intelligent Teaching Techniques.” That is; ALL Students!!! Failure will not be an option!

7. Students will progress according to ability, not age! No more Social Promotions.

8. Teachers will teach, not deal with disruptive students. Disruptive students will be sent to a behavior modification class or school; it will be tough but very effective.

9. Tax reform: The IRS needs to be shut down, if for no other reason, the waste. This will neuter the excessive power of the Congress, and their manipulating of the laws. We will replace it with the “Fair Tax”, with a few minor tweaks. This will be a major stimulation of businesses in America.

10. Redefine the OSHA and EPA laws. Over 90% need to be removed or updated, with a simple formula using: Common Sense, safety, cost, jobs, and the environment. Again this removes excessive power from the government, and stimulates business.

11. Businesses will be held accountable and responsible with these new laws. AC’s will be in every business, as employees or owners, fraud and corruption will not survive.

12. Real Healthcare Reform: These 5 items could cut Healthcare cost in half! Waste, Fraud, Hypochondriacs, Tort reform, and self inflicted (stupidity), injuries. These are easy to fix and they will work, but ignored by the latest Healthcare reform.

13. Laws need to be put in plain English, and simplified terms, that the common person can understand. Over 75% of everything that attorneys do is worthless paperwork created by stupid laws that require worthless paperwork.

14. Over 80% of the laws need removed or reworded. All laws need to fall under the “spirit of the law”, not the “letter of the law”! This eliminates all most all loopholes, and the need for most attorneys. A few simple concise laws could replace thousands of laws.

15. Elimination of worthless middlemen or businesses. We no longer create a job just to create a job. It must have worth and a real value to society. This will dramatically benefit the consumer.

16. Prison reform needs to be a priority, with a focus on Behavior Modification and Education. We will actually be saving money, and benefiting society and the inmates.

17. Welfare reform to Workfare and Learnfare. We owe people the chance to succeed, not to become a parasite. In the long run they will be much happier and appreciative!

18. We will create a manual for what is expected of you as a human. How you should act and what your responsibilities are. This will help eliminate the ignorant response, “I did the best I could do.” Usually this is just used as a pathetic excuse for failure.

19. Webvention, we will compile the most resourceful and intelligent invention tool in the history of the world. Where any AC’s may participate in different inventions and share in the rewards of its success on a proportional basis of contribution.

20. Since 9-11, over 200,000 Americans have been murdered by drunk drivers. Our AC program will cut these numbers in half within 5 to 10 years, through our involvement programs.