Welcome To Worthwhile Information Network

The Mission of WIN (Worthwhile Information Network) is to educate the general population as a 501c(3) non-profit organization recognized by the IRS since 1994 as an educational outreach. 

With America failing in just about every area, it is about time that we stand up and start finding the solutions to our problems. We Worthwhile Information Network Inc a 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation has put over 30,000 hours of detailed and extensive research into finding the real answers.
The fact is that we have looked at just about every alleged solution out there. The sad truth is that every one of them fails if you just run them out to their final conclusion. We have isolated these flaws and used this information to design a program that really has a chance to succeed. There are a lot of great people with a lot of great ideas. Their hearts and souls are in the right place, and they have good intentions. But we need more than good intentions, we need a logical, methodical, and a wise psychological approach lased with a ton of common sense. This solution must be masterfully maneuvered, like a finely tuned chess game; where every action must be calculated, unintended consequences considered, human nature weighed, with future results the paramount conclusion.
It’s easy to sit back and blame someone else, but who is really to blame? Yes, there is a lot of blame to go around when it comes to the politicians, schools, media, and the government. But they are not the ones to really blame! It is us! We the people! Don’t be offended, but it is absolutely true. Who put those people in power, who left them get away with poor management and fraud? No one else but us!
It is easy to sit back and claim that you have no power and you cannot be held responsible for the horrible condition of America. But the fact is, the ultimate responsibility falls back on us. Over the last century our power and control has been whittled away from us by elitist stealing our power, and we have foolishly in other situations just given it away.
The key question for the American public is: “Who Can I Trust?” This must be your most important question! Hold everyone’s feet to the fire, especially us! Both political parties have done great things, but both parties have made destructive decisions for our future. Question everyone, especially the ones you trust the most! We will provide you with the facts and the truth to help you weed out society’s real friends and society’s enemies, real and unintended. The sad fact is that the unintended enemies are currently doing more harm than our real enemies. When you see some of these numbers and the horrible deaths; It will blow your mind!
Your new mindset is to get to the root of every problem, don’t accept the simple answer, and demand all of the details. Then take our motto to heart! “Prove us wrong!” Once you embrace this attitude, you will become the cure for all the corruption, deception, and fraud in the world. Your new attitude will help the honest thrive and true evil to wither.
The human race has the potential to achieve unbelievable success and happiness. We are ready to help the human race move up to the next level, and we will need your help to achieve this. It must be a symbiotic relationship. As you prepare to grow, we will help provide you with all the facts and information you will need to successfully improve your life and your future; with better psychology for the human race through our information bureau.