Mission Statement

“Maximizing The Potential of The Individual And The Whole Human Race.”

It is amazing what the human race has accomplished since our meager beginnings. What we have technologically achieved over the past 100 years actually surpasses everything that we have accomplished since our first steps on this little planet. But the evolvement of the human mind and how we treat each other has not kept pace with our technological advancements. This will continue to create even more serious problems for the survival of the human race.

We, as the human race are living in a world that has the potential to destroy the human race a dozen different ways. We can sit back and cross our fingers and hope that everything works out; or we can take full responsibility, apply every aspect of knowledge of the human race; find a way to eliminate all of our problems; and find a way to pull the whole human race together towards one unifying goal that benefits every human on the face of the earth.

In 1986 a study was sanctioned to find a group or organization that had a balanced and realistic approach to achieving one paramount and race changing goal, “Maximizing The Potential of The Individual And The Whole Human Race.” The defining paradigms of this goal are, saving money, eliminating waste, eliminating fraud, eliminating corruption, eliminating crime, real educating of every human, incorporating intelligent concepts that fix all problems today, tomorrow and forever, and helping the human race to achieve their maximum potential.

Sadly over the last 30 years not one group or organization has even come close to matching these criteria. There are a lot of great groups and organizations out there but every one of them fails, especially when they are run out to their final conclusion. Yes, our criteria are extremely tough and difficult, but we believe that the human race deserves this demanding type of forward thinking architecture. Vital information was distilled from all of these groups and organizations that failed to meet our criteria; every one of them primarily failed because of 2 distinct failures that manifested within their operating structure.

In 1994 Worthwhile Information Network Inc. a 501(C)3 Nonprofit corporation was founded. We are a nonpolitical and nonreligious, (not antireligious) organization, dedicated to the betterment of the human race. Our directive was to help formulate a plan that took our main goal then redesigned and corrected these 2 distinct failures into a design that molded everything into an amazing and realistic plan that can propel the human race to heights that have never even been imagined by the average human.

These 2 distinct failures may seem simple to people on the surface, but as you delve into the full ramifications of the implications of these 2 points, they by themselves will have earth changing consequences.

1st has to be a complete change in thinking when it comes to solving any and all of our problems. Our focus must always be to get to the root core issue of every problem. Almost everyone would agree with this, but currently the human race has mastered the art of putting a band-aid on the symptom of the problem, never really getting to the core issue of the problem and solving it! This is not as easy as it sounds, because many times it will take going many levels deep to find the true cause of any problem. Most have already been found, but more research will be needed for 100% conformation and perfection.

2nd is the idea of fixing the broken people. Many will call these the bad people or criminals, which they are. But in reality; the majority of them have been created by our broken society; bad schools, bad TV, bad movies, bad peers, and many times bad families. Fixing what we have broken will be extremely difficult, but setting into place standards that will eliminate us creating more broken people, is a vital key to making this all work! A great quote says it all, “Everything you do as a parent educates your kids, (and we mean everything), everything society does educates your kids; So, why would an intelligent species allow society to teach their kids how to destroy their lives?”

Just one of thousands of points will have a major impact; we will transform our current schools to eliminate all of the current problems that are plaguing them. Then we will help guide all students to making the best choices for living a successful and prosperous life along with the best education ever. But remember, you can raise the best family possible, but if you do not find a way to help fix everyone one else in the world, then they will be the ones that rob, rape or kill your family. Sorry, but sometimes the real truth can be that preverbal 2 X 4 that smacks us upside the head, and opens our eyes to the real truth and reality.

With no vigilantes and no violence, we have simple and frugal programs that will start eliminating crime, fraud, and waste at rates that have never been experience in the history of the human race. And at the same time it will help the good people using these methods to become even better people, starting a chain reaction of events that will help propel these people towards our ultimate goal. This will help in creating a better world for our kids and future generations, propelling us towards what we like to call “Intelligent World Order”.

If our “Mission Statement” fits your hope and dreams for the human race, and you want to be a part of the greatest movement in the history of the human race; then you need to contact us at our website (WIN4USA.org), sign up, and let us know how you can help the human race to maximize their potential and help create a world that all future generations will be proud and happy to live in.

Michael Blumenstock
President, Worthwhile Information Network Inc.
"Maximizing The Potential of The Individual and The Whole Human Race"
501 (C)(3) NonProfit Corporation
6724 Stahl Road
Greenville, OH 45331
Tax ID Number 31-1414764