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The facts are that the people who are purposely and unintentionally destroying America are receiving Billions of dollars from our government and from donations.

There are many honorable nonprofits and charities out there that are trying to help people. The sad fact is that a majority of their work is misguided and wasted. We are not attacking them, because they can show many positive aspects of their work. The problem is that many have been educated or deceived into believing that what they are doing is really fixing the problem.  They like our government are actually just putting Band-Aids on the symptoms of the problems.

All we ask is that these organizations keep an open mind. We will be more than happy to sit down with any organization, analyze what they are doing, and be able to present a plan that will maximize their benefits to the human race. They may continue to act on their own, or they make the wise choice, (only if we prove ourselves worthy) to join us as a unified group to work on fixing all of our problems.

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