Definition of Terms

“Active Citizen”: A person who takes direct responsibility for bettering their lives and the lives of others. They live by the motto: “For evil to Succeed, Good Men and Women, Only Have to Do Nothing!” Hence, we get involved.

“Active Citizen Action Program” or “Protect the Innocent Programs”: This program is where AC’s video tape and record criminals, and supply the evidence to the Police. The criminal is arrested, and fined; with ½ of the fine going to the AC. Our responsibility as an AC is to expose crime, fraud, criminal activity, and corruption everywhere we find it. This is exactly how we help make a better world.

“Intelligent World Order”: This is the program where we lay out the intelligent and responsible way to maximize the success of the human race. The core function is educating the “Average Joe” to where he can maximize his life to his fullest potential and the wisdom to contribute to the functioning and running of our government. Note: Currently there are three groups of “New World Order” fanatics trying to force their style of down our throats, the end results would be horrific and dreadful for the human race.

“Active Peer Pressure” and "Character": Peer pressure is neither good nor bad, it has long corrupted our children, APP will be used as a force to stop bad behavior and encourage good behavior. In the past one child may have thought about dropping out of school, and several others would join them. In the future when a child talks about dropping out of school, their peers response, “Are you crazy?” Then provide dozens of solid reasons to stay in school.

Character: is defined by “What you do when no one is looking.” Yes people are looking and recording right now to help protect us and as “Active Peer Pressure”.

Parasite “Human Parasite”: An organism that, Feeds off the Host, gives no benefit to the host, and in the end, kills the host. These people are destroying America, but they are not our enemy, they are victims of this failed political system.

“Current World View”: Your right it will not work if you view our solutions in today’s world view. Everything is too screwed up. Without the big plan, almost all programs will not work in the long run.

 “Our World View” or “Future World View”: This is viewing problems and fixing them at the root causes. You look at the world as seen in the future as problems are finally being fixed. Then you will understand how and why they will work, and the better world that will evolve.

“Facthonest”:  Not only are you expected to tell the truth about the benefits of what you are promoting, but you are expected to be 100% candid about all the negatives.

“Webvention”: As a registered “Active Citizen”, you can come up with or contribute to new inventions on the web. Inventions will be put on our website, and everyone in the world will be able to contribute to its design. Each contributor will be assigned a percentage based on the amount and value of what they contributed to the invention.

“Webvention Stage 2”: This is where we will post every problem plaguing the human race, from individuals, environment, health, space, nanotechnology, etc… AC’s from every field will have the chance to help solve mankind’s biggest problems.  Each contributor will be assigned a percentage based on the amount and value of what they contributed to solving the problem.

“Truth & Fact Rating Service”: A good analogy is that this is like EBay’s rating service, on steroids. This is where we rate politicians, the media, and about everything for truthfulness and factuality. Liars and crooks won’t stand a chance, they will be exposed quickly.


"Truth & Fact Rating Service Stage 2”: We do not believe in censorship! AC’s will review and fact check every book and article that comes out or is currently out. We will have a web site where you will be able to check the facts of any book you read.  Books full of lies will become extinct because no sane person would want to read from an author whose greatest skill is lying.

“New World Language”: Based on English But everything spelt phonically; Designed for ease of learning, writing and speaking.

“Real Compassion”: not to be confused with compassion. Real Compassion is compassion infused with intelligence and common sense, based on the idea a fixing the problem at the root of the cause to truly, (Actually) help someone (short term and long term).

 “Age of Corruption”: This is the current time that we live in, the time before we fixed everything.

“Real Hope” not the fake garbage bantered around Washington today. Given realistic and intelligent options, AC’s would have a real reason to work and strive to make this a better world. In essence, they would have “Real Hope” and a practical way to achieve it.

“The Unified Theory of Humanity”: This is exactly what we are doing! This is the process of fixing all of our problems and using intelligence, wisdom, and common sense to achieve the maximum potential of the human race.

“True Learning” will make current educational systems look like the dark ages. This is where students will move at their pace and progress when they are proficient at that level. Today 70% of 4th graders cannot read to level. So what does our current school system do? Pass them to 5th grade! That is true evil and absolute insanity. Another reason we have such a high dropout rate!