The real benefits of this program, is a better world.

Go back and look at the How Bad It Is page, “How bad is it really out there?” Do you really understand how screwed up our world is? Millions are suffering because of the stupid and misguided decisions of our politicians (both sides).

Of course many of them would deny it or would give us the most pathetic excuse in the history of mankind. “I did the best I could do.” BULL! That is an absolute lie! We will not accept this garbage excuse anymore, because we have done the research and we have the answers.

Wouldn’t you enjoy and appreciate a world where we have almost eliminated all crime, drug use, scammers, conmen, waste, corruption, worthless middlemen, unjust laws, unfair taxes, etc… We can do it and we will show you exactly how.

The great thing about this is that it will pull more people together than any other group or organization has in the history of the world. Who would not want almost 100% of students graduating, learning at almost twice the level of today, and at a cheaper cost? This is not a pipe dream! This can be our reality!

Reality check! We have two enemies, and each of them is just as bad as the other.

First, is the apathetic citizen.

1.They believe that it is too late and that no one can fix our problems.

2.They trust no one, so they are not even going to try.

3.They don’t care and just want to enjoy their life.

4.They just don’t have time to try and help the human race.

Second, are the criminals and the New World Order people.

1.Criminals love the life of crime, and don’t want us to help protect the innocent.

2.Criminals love their drugs, and don’t care who they hurt, so they can feel good.

3.NWO people do not believe that we are capable of being smart enough to run our lives, so they will have to run our lives for us.

4.NWO people don’t want us to fix ourselves, they want to get all the control.

These losers will fight hard to stop what we are trying to achieve. (The betterment of the human race.) So when you hear someone attacking this program of (bettering the human race), you will know what kind of person you are dealing with.

What is so unique about this program is that it will pull people from just about every group out there. Our goals are exactly what they (really) want! Their biggest problem today is that they believe in their group, and how their group believes that they can achieve their goals. We can go head to head with their beliefs and alleged facts. Once they see a better way to achieve their goals that is realistic and obtainable, their superstitions and dogma evaporates because they see it for the unrealistic reality that it really is. Wouldn’t a better world be more preferable, desirable, and worth the work?