Active Citizen

Why will our “Active Citizen” Program work?

People are catching on to the fact that America has some very serious problems, and if they are not correctly fixed, we are in very serious trouble! They see that both sides of the political spectrum have direct responsibility for creating most of our problems, and their pathetic cures just create more problems.


The “Active Citizen” is the catalyst to resolving ALL of our problems. We have allowed the Government to dictate to and manipulate us; but our Government is supposed to be, “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. It is our fault that we have allowed government and the media to become so corrupt and apathetic. It is now time that we start correcting this once and for all.


An “Active Citizen” lives by a motto; “For Evil To Succeed, Good Men and Women Only Need To Do ……..NOTHING!” We have an understanding that we have a responsibility to future generations, to get up off our butts, and standup for what is truly right. We look at getting to the root of a problem, and then fixing it. We define people or organizations that spin their wheels wasting good money trying to alleviate the suffering from the symptoms of problems as “good intentioned stupidity”. In most situations these people end up doing more damage than good. We want to open their eyes to the truth and get to the root of the problem.


“Active Citizens” take an active role in the betterment of America. We are not a vigilante force and we do not condone violence. But we will not set back and allow evil to succeed. When we see something that is wrong, we speak up and get involved. We know it will start with just one voice, but it will grow and grow until it becomes a chorus. Criminals, thugs, scammers, crooked politicians, businesses, unions etc… we will be watching, recording, and reporting you. This will happen because of our “Protect the Innocent Programs”; you will not have to take our word for it because we will record it, “the proof”.

A.   Cameras in our cars like the police, only better. Time and date stamp, GPS and the ability to record the previous minute up to an hour on an inexpensive SD card.

B.   Digitally record all phone calls to or from businesses or potential scammers, easy, simple, and cheap. Crooked businesses, politicians, and scammers will fear being caught lying and scamming.

C.   Set up cameras to your computer; or personal DVR and record the exterior of your house, anyone committing a crime at yours or your neighbor’s house will be recorded and caught.

D.   Always carry a camera, when you see a crime, just record it.

Bottom-line: Crime will not pay and criminals will get caught.

Added incentive: Turn in the evidence, the criminal gets arrested, fined, and you get half of the fine.

Crime rates will drop faster than any government program has ever achieved.

Police will have more free time to catch the criminals, because we will provide the evidence.


An “Active Citizen” can be anyone from anywhere and in any job. They just have to have a desire to help make this a better world and study on what we have to do to achieve it. They will be everywhere and in every job, with their eyes, ears and recorders looking for fraud, waste, and criminals. Bad and evil people will have no place to hide, because they will never know when another person’s heart will switch over to the good side. In the end it will only pay to be good.


“Active Citizens” hero’s are the passengers of “Flight 93” who fought back against the terrorist and stopped them! With the winning theme of, “We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore”. We stand up and protect the innocent, good wins and evil loses.


25 to 50% off all people right now fall into this group, and given a realistic and informed choice, they would work and strive to make this a better world. In essence, they would have “Real Hope” and a practical way to achieve it, not the fake garbage bantered around Washington today.


“Active Citizens” will also take a direct participation in the interactions of the media and politicians. Through our internet site they will rate the media and politicians on their honesty every time they speak. (This is true empowerment for American citizens.) Integrity of the process will require all raters to be registered; and subsequently they will get rated also. Habitual liars and deceivers will lose their rating privileges. The media and politicians will quickly learn that lies and deception will cost them their jobs. This will put the power directly back in the hands of responsible American people. This will also make it a lot easier to find decent, honest, and worthy candidates.


We will not stop here; Waste, Inefficiencies, stupidity, worthless middlemen, defective products, superstition etc… are all in our crosshairs. Our continuing goal is to fix problems based on long term goals.


We don’t view the “Troubled Americans” as the enemy, but as victims of the welfare mentality, bad schools, media, and the government; who need education, morals, and a real path to success. Most of these people, given the chance, and the right education would love to thrive and would strive for it.


Peer pressure is destroying our youth, but we will take it and turn it into one of the most powerful forces for good. All you have to do is study, learn, and speak up. Once you do that, others will become motivated by your actions, and in a short time it will be a chorus of people stopping that one who was going to do something bad. There is always strength in numbers. Great days are ahead!


But for all of this to work, you have to get involved.  You need to learn the truth, the right way to look at all problems, and the intelligent and wise ways to fix those problems. Once you achieve this, you will be ready to help educate other people on how they can improve theirs and everyone else’s lives.