About Us

Who Are We?

Worthwhile Information Network, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Corporation, founded in 1994.  

Our main mission statement is: “Maximizing The Potential of The Individual And The Whole Human Race.” But we also have 2 sub-mission statements “Protecting The American Consumer Against Fraud & Abuse”.  AND “Educating the American public to the real TRUTH and what it means to be an advanced human, an Intellihuman.” 

WIN is a non-Religious (Not Anti-Religious), and non-political (Neither Democrat or Republican) approach to solving all of our problems. 

“The politicians have made promises that are Bankrupting our great country. Tough, but smart choices must be made now to save America. If not, everyone loses!”  

Like most people we are fed up with the current direction our country and the world is going. We believed at one time, if we got the right politicians in power, we could turn everything around.

Even though we have the greatest system in the world, there are too many politicians with their own agenda or are owned by special interest groups. Because of this, most only look to the next election or how they can help their cronies, not what is best for America in the long run. 

We are on a course of financial destruction! 

We have been played!  They want us to blame the other side, but the real truth is “Both sides have deceived us and have made horrible choices.” Lying, Fraud, Deception, Corruption, Selling us out, undermining our schools, healthcare, business, and way of life. 

Do what I did, take off those rose colored glasses and honestly look at your side, the people whom you have put your trust and faith in. I wept!

I have been studying and analyzing these problems for over 20 years. At this point: I am writing “The Book” that will layout in detail what we have to do to save America. This will utilize “The Power of the People”. Then put into action, policies that will dramatically benefit America. 

Note: This must be a paradigm shift. It will not be the laws that changes society! It will be the movement for a better world though; “Wisdom, Intelligence, Common Sense, & Real Compassion.”

One of our biggest problems is that our politicians make grandiose promises and shower us with platitudes. For example: They promise better schools. Who can argue with that, everyone wants better schools. But, how? 

None of them have offered a plan that will work, I mean really work! Politicians as a whole, gets an “F” for their handling of the public school system. How many more kids are we going to sacrifice to their failing school system? We owe it to the future of America, a better system.

One simple act will change our world forever! It will put us on a course of fixing all of our problems and creating a world that we all have dreamed of. This simple but powerful act is what you strive to become, a better person, which we call an “Active Citizen”.

An “Active Citizen”, wants a better world and a better human race, so they start with themselves. Because they understand that we must lead by example. We live by a creed, “For evil to Succeed, Good Men and Women, Only Have to Do Nothing!” Hence, we get involved.

We demand honesty in ourselves and others. If we see someone shoplifting, “We say something!” Crime stops when we refuse to accept it. It is really that simple. But if you like technical things, you will love this. 

Capture a criminal on video, turn it in to the authorities and if the criminal is arrested, & fined - you get 50% of the fine! Of course, this will require legislation, but if enough active citizens support this program, we could dramatically reduce crime in our own neighborhoods.

Let’s face it, I would rather have 100 cameras pointed at me rather than 1 gun. You can even use a dash mounted camera like the police use, or even home video surveillance cameras that record to your computer’s hard drive, or your personal DVR. Once we have about 25% of the public doing this, it will almost be impossible for someone to rob your house without several other “Active Citizens” recording it. Crime won’t pay!

We won’t even argue like other people. Our main concern won’t be if we win or lose, it will be if we get to the truth! Do we really win, if we win the argument with lies or deception?

“Active Citizens” are everywhere just waiting to be part of this movement and the best part is that they are in every profession, business, or group.

Imagine having someone on the inside of crooked businesses, political groups, schools, crime organizations, and government offices. “Active Citizens”, people who get involved, and care more about the human race and their kids futures that they do about the corruption going on around them. They will be our new heroes, exposing the corruption, so it may be eliminated. Helping us make a better world step by step.

But it won’t stop there. Once we get our act together, we can start bringing the world into our better way of life. The ultimate goal is to unite the world under a way of life that is beneficial to everyone. It will be just like here in America, where the masses will rise up and demand that their government become responsive and responsible. “A Nonviolent Revolution!”