20 Cornerstones

20 Cornerstones of “The Unified Theory of Humanity”

1.    We will create the “Human Doctrine”. This will be the guiding instruction book for humans. This will not only be for Americans, but for every human on Earth. Everyone will know what is expected of them as a member of the human race, and what will not be tolerated.

2.    School: Everyone must graduate; move up based on completing courses, not by years. You could finish high school in eight years if you worked hard! You don’t graduate, No; welfare, food stamps, driver’s license, or any other perks. Sounds harsh? Harsh is allowing kids to drop out of school, not prepared for life, and no real opportunity to succeed!

3.    Excellence trumps everything! The people who get the best jobs are the qualified and the hardest working. Nothing else matters! Our new school program will give everyone an opportunity to excel, regardless of sex, religion, race etc.

4.    Welfare reform: Once the schools are reformed most of welfare will not be needed. For the few that will need it, it will become “Workfare” and “Learnfare”. These will be temporary programs to get people back on their feet, quickly.

5.    Government, Trim the Waste: Put programs in place to promote efficiency and start cutting waste. With a goal to cut bureaucratic waste by 50%.

6.    Elimination of the IRS: Go to something like the Fair Tax. The amount of money saved immediately will be in the hundreds of billions. It will encourage people to earn more since it won’t be taxed on what we earn, and save more since only what we spend will be taxed. This will help create a healthy economy that will thrive.

7.    Everyone becomes an “Active Citizen”.  Capture a criminal on video, turn it in, criminal is arrested, & fined; You get 50% of the fine! NOTE: If you manufacture, fake, or manipulate the evidence to convict an innocent person, you get 10X the max for that crime!

8.    Responsible Environmentalism: Every intelligent human wants clean air and water for themselves and their kids. We will use a simple formula to balance out the environment with the economy. It is based on “cost effectiveness vs. threat analysis vs. the economy”. This will open up multiple sources of energy almost immediately!

9.    Prison Reform: 1st Separate Violent from nonviolent criminals! Instead of prison for most nonviolent criminals; give them the option of REAL community service. 5X-10x payback to the victim for damages they caused. But if they skip, run away, or refuse to complete their community service, 4X prison time. In prison, no sports, no weights, no conjugal visits. Only behavior modification TV and educational schooling.

10.  Lawyers & Law, Simplified: Everything in plain English (Simplified! Simplified! Simplified!) Swift justice! Elimination of endless appeals. The Lawyers Hippocratic Oath shall be “Tell no lie! Find the Truth!” Their job is to get to the truth, period. Get rid of all of the redundant laws and simplify the rest. Every law will be governed and viewed through a simple principal “The Spirit of the Law and Common Sense”. Put an end to most of the frivolous lawsuits, by implementing, loser pays all legal cost.

11.  Energy Reform: Start utilizing new advanced nuclear power. It is more efficient and safer than any other energy source. The key is that we design a standard reactor, and replicate it. Almost none of the current reactors are identical! A hideous waste of money, time and resources. Also advance research in, coal to gas conversion, oil shale, methane hydrate, solar, wind, fuel cells, and other potential energy sources. Energy independence is key to our nations survival!

12.  Real Problem Solving! Our government almost never fixes a problem; they do something mediocre to make themselves look good. We will demand that they solve problems based on long term results.

13.  Product Responsibility: We will end and not tolerate defective products, cheaply made products, or like the Auto industry, vehicles specifically designed with “Service Department Profits” built in.

14.  Advertising Responsibility Act: Over $200 Billion is wasted by consumers on worthless products; Health Cures, Scams, Bogus Products. It is time to put a stop to the lobbyist paying off the politicians to pass laws to allow us to be ripped off.

15.  Media Responsibility: I’m not talking about censorship! But if a company is willing to spend millions to put a 30 second ad on TV, do you think that it has an impact on us? What do you think 1,000’s of hours of vile is doing to our kids? Just look at society and you will get the answer!

16.  College Reform: If we the people, “The Government” are paying for the majority of College then we should demand our money’s worth. If the students are not fulfilling their obligations, which should be very high, they should be replaced with someone who will apply themselves. What America’s colleges have become, is a joke! Business should be extremely active in studies that are needed for tomorrow’s workforce.

17.  Healthcare Reform: Serious fraud reform, upgraded medical diagnostics, and waste reform. Working to minimize self inflected injuries, drugs, alcohol, and stupidity could cut costs by 50%. If not, it will bankrupt US!

18.  Entice Corporations Back to the USA: Completely restructure OSHA, EPA, & the Tax Codes. Anyone with just a basic understanding of economics will understand that; whenever you burden or tax a company, it will just raise its prices. So we really pay the taxes. If we eliminate these burdens put on business, many will move back here, fueling a great boom for the economy.

19.  “Truth & Fact Rating Service”:  This is where we rate politicians, the media, and about everything for truthfulness and factuality. Liars and crooks won’t stand a chance, they will be exposed quickly. This will be the quickest way to start correcting many of our problems and will benefit individuals and the human race in thousands of ways.

20.  Protect the Innocent: Everything is to protect the innocent. “For Evil to Succeed, Good Men and Women Only Have to do…… Nothing!” It will be our civic duty to help end all crime. No one should ever be afraid to walk the streets at night or worry about someone breaking into their home.