Worthwhile Information Network, Inc., WIN was founded because we couldn’t find any organizations that were truly helping the human race. We wanted to find at least one, work with and help a great organization to improve the human race, but no one even came close to our standards and goals. 

America is currently facing devastating problems that if they are not really fixed, will cause a serious crash, devastating the majority of citizens. If we do nothing, this devastating outcome is inevitable and unavoidable. But we have a chance to fix all of this if we have the right plan and quickly put it into action.

Our plan is based on getting to the absolute root of our problems and finally fixing them. (Currently our government and most nonprofits dramatically fail at this; they seem to specialize in just putting Band-Aids on the symptoms of the problems. Never really fixing anything, but always looking busy, wasting our money, and ultimately devastating millions of lives.)

Our goal is always seeking the Truth, saving money, protecting the innocent, factoring in long term benefits and consequences, and what is ultimately best for the human race. If these are your goals you have a great chance of winning for the human race. Currently, our future looks very bleak. But we can change that if we work together.

With over 30,000 hours of research, and all of it drenched in chess psychology, we will put our program up against anything else in the world. We have studied just about every idea, program, and plan out there, with one sad fact that is prevalent in each and every one of them. Everyone of them fails in the long run! Sorry but this is a cold hard fact! We found the two main reasons that caused them to fail, and used this information as the foundations of our program which eliminates these problems of failure.

Although these two reasons may sound simple to some, they are encompassing and paramount to everything that we need to accomplish.

1. Getting to the absolute root of the problems.

2. Fixing the individual.

These two items interact and interplay with thousands of solutions and remedies for all of our problems. But don’t underestimate the depth and complexity of this approach, most scholars have ventured at most 3 to 4 levels deep to try and fix problems. You can see their results by looking at our current society, (pathetic!). We have ventured in many cases 8 to 12 levels deep to get to the absolute root of a problem.

Not to brag, but we could not find any group or organization in the history of the world that has dared to define the ultimate answers. We seek the ultimate truth and answers. We expect you to do the same, don’t accept anything on faith, make us prove it! If you can find a better answer to any problem, we gladly encourage it. Prove us wrong! Because better answers makes a better world! And that is our ultimate goal!