Below are some of the Audio Files during the last decade of our research.  Note: these are all raw unedited files from our lead researcher; almost 20 years of research had been processed before any of these had been recorded.  Still, none of these are final thoughts just the distillation of a lot of research.  We will start off with a few and will expand to well over 500.


The audio files will start giving you an insight into the thinking of how this program works, what it takes to become an “Active Citizen” and finally an “Intellihuman”. 


Only after you have listened to all of them, you will be given an opportunity to start commenting on them.  Please understand; there is no way that anyone can even come close to grasping the dramatic concepts that are conceived and arranged in this program, until you hear the full story.  This will take you to some new and amazing thinking that you more than likely have never experienced in your life.


This program has combined vast knowledge, wisdom, and a truly unique plan to completely change the direction of the human race to where it finally has a realistic possibility of;


1.      Eliminating all of the fraud, corruption and crime that have been plaguing the human race.

2.      Ending every problem that has been plaguing the human race.

3.      Help us to achieve unbelievable accomplishments and amazing success.

4.      Maximizing The Potential of The Individual and The Whole Human Race.  


Once you understand all of this and how it works, you too could become a contributor and help in building the new foundation of the human race.